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The Network of War Memorial and Peace Carillons (WMPC) has a threefold mission:

  • keeping the memory alive of the thousands of men and women who are memorialized by war memorial and peace carillons;
  • honoring the initiators and benefactors of these carillons and the persons who have maintained and played them over the years;
  • promoting the peace idea in general.

In order to accomplish its mission, WMPC supports players and owners of war memorial and peace carillons worldwide in their efforts to increase the significance of their carillons for the sake of peace.

WMPC currently has two activities: developing and updating a website with descriptions of the War Memorial and Peace Carillons around the world, and communicating activities on these instruments via social media (Facebook and Twitter). Other activities may emerge on the initiative of one or some of the stakeholders. As an example, some peace carillonneurs play a special concert on 21 September, the United Nations International Day of Peace.

WMPC is a network organization without formal membership. The informal initiative was taken by the carillonneurs of the Peace Palace in The Hague (NL), the University of Leuven (B), the belfry of Ypres (B) and the University of Toronto (Canada).

This website was realized by the Carnegie Foundation (Peace Palace) in The Hague and made possible by funds, supplied by the city of The Hague, the Carnegie Foundation (NL), the University of Leuven and a private donor.


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